Party in phuket Kathu Connection

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Party in phuket Kathu Connection

Party in phuket Kathu Connection

Party in phuket Kathu Connection

Party in phuket Kathu Connection


Thailand isn’t necessarily famous for its luxurious lifestyle and establishments, however you don’t have to look hard if you want to find something luxurious to do, something that you can’t do in your own country because it’s too damn expensive. Well one of the go to places for experiencing that luxury with an affordable price is definitely in the Kathu Connection, and today we are going to tell you all about what you can do to throw a party in the city of Phuket, that resembles that parties you see famous Instagram models go to in your Instagram feed.

Party in phuket Kathu Connection

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Phuket The City of Nightlife


Thailand is mostly famous for two things: one of them is the vibrant nightlife it has throughout all of its many islands and big cities, the city of Phuket is no exception. Although people mostly go to nightclubs and establishments to enjoy themselves, there is a better more private option for those who want to experience the grand luxuries that Thailand has to offer, and that is throwing a party for yourself and friends.


Why Throw a Party in Thailand?


You might be there just for a vacation, or you might be one of those digital nomads that are living up in Chiang Mai, or just be there for a Muay Thai convention, but everyone can enjoy a good party when it comes down to it, I mean who hates having a little bit of luxurious fun?

The Kathu Connection is an establishment designed to please the people who need to have a little more in their life than others, be a good view of the beach from the bar, or the poolside that spans beside the main saloon, the Kathu Connection offers it all. You can just see our page in trip advisor to be confident that you are going to get all your money’s worth when you want to party in the establishment.

Party in phuket Kathu Connection

Kathu Connection Comes into Play

Party in phuket Kathu Connection


So you made your mind up about having that awesome private party for you and your friends or that cocktail party at the end of your business trip. Kathu Connection’s amazing facility has your back all the way. The amazing poolside bar with all the drinks you want from fruity cocktails to Jagger bombs you are covered, and after you get your drink you can go for dancing in the amazing platform looking over the beautiful landscape of the beach.

The staff is also very helpful and trained to see all your needs fulfilled, from amazing bartenders that serve drinks to your guests, to polite valet parking staff, everyone in the establishment is there to help you have a good time and not worry about the party.


Entertainment and Food


What is a good party without good food? The master chefs at Kathu Connection have the expertise to cook you and your guests all the great food you can enjoy. From the classic Thai food menu all the way to the classier and more luxurious Italian cuisine we serve them all.

Don’t worry about the rest of the party because you can have a band playing or even hire a Dj for your guests to dance and have a good time, the place is ready to serve up to 300 people or more at a time; so capacity is not a big problem here.


Pool Parties?


Yes, if you want the generic Thailand experience you want to have a pool party, the big pool is just by the side of the bar so you can have a drink in the swim bar, relax a bit and socialize with your guests, then you might want to jump into the Jacuzzi and relax before you go dancing.

You might want to throw a pool party for the younger ones, maybe a birthday party and as we all know, all kids love pools, they also love slides and water parks. In Kathu connection you can have them both at the same time, and don’t worry about your children’s safety because we have a dedicated children pool and slides that they can enjoy while being supervised by trained life guards.


The Last Word


When it comes to parties, the Thai know how to do it and here in Kathu Connection we are offering the best services for your good time, so when you want to throw that little party with your tour or friends that you came to Thailand with, don’t forget to stop by in Phuket to have that premium experience for relatively cheap prices, because you might not be able to have this level of luxury back home for this price. We are waiting for you.

Party in phuket Kathu Connection




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