Phuket, Famous Thai Island for Pool Parties

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Phuket, Famous Thai Island for Pool Parties

Phuket, Famous Thai Island for Pool Parties

Phuket, Famous Thai Island for Pool Parties


 No matter what your destination would be for holidays, no one disagrees with a hot vacation by the pool or the beach. Thailand is a perfect destination for pool party lovers as there are numerous beaches; each with its own unique features and services. In Phuket, the biggest Island in Thailand for instance, there are over 30 beaches. Phuket Island is divided into three main areas: the south and west coasts which have amazing beaches and of course plenty of resort towns, a great factor for a great holiday.

Phuket, Famous Thai Island for Pool Parties

  • Patong, The Greatest Beach for a Pool Party

Patong is the most famous beach for its nightlife on Phuket, and well, where there is a lively nightlife, there is definitely a party! There are arranged pool parties every Saturday with various activities for adults and children, liver music and a large collection of foods and drinks. However, you can easily arrange your own private pool party in Phuket anytime of the year regardless of the weather shifts. Beside pool parties, there are various activities you can do on your holiday in Patong.

The lively nightlife includes literally hundreds of bars, night clubs, pool parties, etc. The nightlife is normally centered near Soi Bangla (Bangla Road). Although there are more quiet areas of town where you can relax comfortably, it could be a luxurious suite by the beach or a night spa.

  • slip & fly 6 meters in the air!

Slip and fly is the name of the amazing recently built water slide in Slip-fly center. It’s absolutely no normal slide: once you’ve jumped on it, the next second you are in the air! Slip & fly slider is 40 meters long, and with help of the curve at the bottom, you’ll be thrown in the air up to 6 meters; making it the highest water slide in Phuket. Well, we talked about different Phuket activities we are offering in Slip-fly, but let us inform you that our specialty is planning parties.

  • Budget-Friendly Pool Party in Phuket

Having a budget-friendly party, whether birthday or wedding party, in a water park will be undeniably an experience that you, your family and friends will never forget. Phuket’s nightlife is famous in the world, so you can easily enjoy your night party by the pool in Slip-fly. We gladly have some fun pool parties for you every Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Besides that, you can always arrange a pool party or a party in Slip-fly bar any day of the week and any time of the year. In Slip-fly there are both areas for young people for parting and areas for family parties, so you can bring your children to enjoy Phuket’s nightlife with no worries.

  • Pool Party in the First Beach Blub

Blue beach club is now the first Beach Club in Patong, famous for its peaceful and exclusive location yet still conveniently close to the Patong beach. You can blow off some steam, relax and if in the mood, arrange your private pool party and party all day by the pool, while there are various exotic drinks and foods being served. Its 10-metre pool is surrounded by numerous tables, sunbeds and stools all overlooking the beach. Live music is a feature for a beach club that makes all the difference for your unforgettable pool party in Phuket. Blue Beach Club Phuket’s pro DJ has a selection of funk, house, jazz, etc.; giving the club a relaxing bohemian vibe.


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