Phuket Night Life

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Phuket Night Life

Phuket Night Life

Phuket Night Life

Phuket Night Life


Human being have been gathering around at night for ages. Doing activities at night with groups has been part of human experience and it’s different for each one of us. Nightlife activities at Phuket are so different and vast, from quiet cafes to loud discos, Phuket has it all. Patong is the main place where nightlife exists in Phuket. There are girly bars and go-go bars that are part of Phuket nightlife, but due to its adult nature we decided to just include the nightlife activities you can go to with family or your significant other.


Phuket Night Life

When to Go for Phuket Night Life


The discos open around at 5:00 to 6:00 and the bars are open way earlier. It used to be that they would be open until the morning. But gone are the days that you could stay all night at a disco in Thailand. The new laws dictate that bars should close by 1:00 and discos by 2:00 am. But still that leaves you with plenty of time to get out at night and go explore the vibrant city. In Patong the laws are enforced by many establishments so plan accordingly.


Patong Beach Road Phuket Night Life


There are many bars and restaurants along the beach road. The bars are more laid back and play soft music, or have bands playing in them. The prices are a little higher because you are closer to the beach.

The Banana Disco is one of the more famous discos in this area, they have both a disco and a lounge bar. The Lime Club plays some more EDM music and the kind of Electronic music that the hip kids listen to. You can go down this beach road until you get the Bangla Road, which is where most of the action is at.


Bangla Road


It’s the famous part of Patong for nightlife. Actually it’s the hub for nightlife in Phuket. There are insane amounts of bars, restaurants, clubs and discos. This is also where you find more of the bars with adult themes. When you first walk down this part of town, you can see lots of people walking around even late at night. There are many open faced bars stationed at the side of the road. There is so much going on here that we can’t name all the establishments. Just ask the locals to point you out where to go so you won’t end up somewhere you didn’t intent to go to.


Beach Clubs


If you’ve visited the popular beaches of Europe or America, you know that they have a lot of beach clubs. This trend has spread to Phuket recently and it has attracted a lot of people to invest in making beach clubs. There are several beach clubs in Karon, Kamala and Kata. Sometimes they throw big parties involving international Djs from all around the world. The most famous clubs are Catch at Surin Beach, Bliss at Bang Tao, Xana and Re Ka Ta clubs. There are many to choose from except the ones we named so be sure to go wherever you feel most comfortable at.


Phuket Town


There are no single road hubs involved here, but there are many bars and Clubs across the town.  The best spots are easy to find through a search on your phone. But to name a few there is the Timber Hut, which has a live band; The Thavorn Hotel, with a nice bar and live Thai music; And the O’Malley Irish Pub which has a snooker table also, for those who like to pool. There are also many karaoke bars if you are into that kind of activity too. But if the windows are tinted you better stay away because they might involve adult themes.


Phuket Night Life in Slip-Fly 


It’s a good place to go to if you want to relax and go for a swim. It also has a very nice restaurant that you can eat food. There are many events with famous Djs hold here. Be sure to check out the website to see if they have any events up, because most of them are too fun to miss. Although it’s not open until late at night, but it’s a good place to get a few beers and chill out in the swim bar if you are a fan of water activities.